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Rotarians provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. Chartered in 1983, Rotary Bangalore Peenya has demonstrated this through a multitude of large scale, long term and also quick response projects and activites. In the third decade of its purposeful functioning, the urge to do more is very much alive behind the smile of contentment of having done good to humanity.

Our Key Initiatives

Rotary Dialysis Centre

Dialysis Centre for poor and underprivileged citizens

A Public-Private Partnership project in association with Government of Karnataka, the Dialysis Centre delivers over 6,000 dialysis at minimal cost to the needy.

Rotary Diabetes Centre

Comprehensive Diabetes Centre

An initiative to provide low-cost access to quality healthcare, the Diabetes Centre is a comprehensive Diabetes Care Centre.

Jaipur Foot Camp

A week long annual artificial limb fitment camp

Into its Eighteenth year, the annual camp has provided artificial limbs to thousands of polio victims, amputees, accident victims and gangrene from across the country.


Happy Schools initiative under Rotary Literacy Mission

Aligned with the goals of Rotary Literacy Mission, we are aggressively working to create more Happy Schools each year.

Leadership speak

President's monthly message

“Friends, as the journey begins we need to get more intense in our approach to serve the needy and reach out to atleast a few of the critical needs the community is facing.”

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