Club History

Rotary Bangalore Peenya was chartered in the year 1983 with a group of 24 dedicated Rotarians as chartered members with an objective of implementing service projects.

Towards the above goal, in the last thirty two years, we have the following significant projects


Jaipur Foot Camp has been conducted every year since its inception eighteen years ago, where the disabled people looking for their limb of life are provided with artificial limbs, calipers and crutches.

These are the people who are suffering from polio, or amputees of accident and gangrene. The heart breaking scene where people come crawling on their hands and legs, children being carried by their parents, patients coming on wheel chairs with hope in their eyes, and anxiety writ large on their faces, expecting their life to turn into a new leaf, believing that a miracle will happen. Some of them are advised corrective surgeries. They go back walking with the aids or with the satisfaction that somebody has assured them a better life, with the corrective surgeries, wheel chairs and tricycles to enable them to lead a normal life.

7480 Limbs, 16,366 Callipers, 6989 Crutches, 459 LN-4, 760 Wheel Chairs, 412 Tri Cycles, 875 Polio Corrective Surgeries & 70 Hip Replacements have been provided/conducted as part of our previous Camps. Total- 33, 411 have benefited so far.


Rotary Dialysis Centre was dedicated to people and handed over to Rotary Bangalore Peenya on 28/11/2012. A 6,000 sq.ft building was dedicated to public and handed over to Rotary Bangalore Peenya in a grand function on 28th November 2012 at 5 PM. All the necessary infrastructure including Interiors, Eleven Dialysis Machines, RO Plant, Excellent Beds, Sump Tank of 70,000 liters capacity, Power back up through Generator of 60 KVA & a stand by UPS of 30 KVA, Work Stations, and other necessary equipments were sourced, to its best quality and installed within this record period of SIX months. The total cost is a whooping Rs. 2.30 Crores.

The actual functioning of the Dialysis centre started on 2nd January 2013. The Centre has full fledged team with a Nephrologist, a Doctor, two Dialysis Technicians, a Trained Technician, a Nurse, an attender along with the administrative team of a Manager and a receptionist. More than 12500 dialysis done till date.


Rotary Bangalore Peenya fight against polio has taken a new dimension by partnering with M S Ramaiah Medical Hospital to perform Polio Corrective Surgery on those afflicted by the disease. 875 Polio Corrective surgeries & 70 Hip Replacement surgeries have been performed so far enabling them to walk again.

Where there is a wheel there is way- Wheel chairs and tricycles are provided to those who cannot benefit from artificial aids or surgery. 411 tricycles and 760 wheel chairs have been provided so far.


LN4 prosthetic hands a joint project of RI Districts 5160 and 5110 have been introduced for the first time this year. This hand can enable beneficiaries to hold a glass, eat with a spoon, and even write with a pen or control a steering wheel. 459 LN-4 Prosthetic Hands were provided.


Sanjeevini a medical boon has given many a new lease of life through Sanjeevini Permanent Clinic for economically weaker women and children at Peenya. Free medical care is provided to over 15,000 every year since 2003. Project Sanjeevini annual health check up camp since 2002 aims at providing free medical care to the needy which include a dental camp, eye check-up camp, blood donation camp, skin-care camp, ENT camp and a diabetes detection camp.


an annual camp joint project with Rotary Pavagada- The land is not very fertile in Pavagada and the farmers themselves lead a hand-to-mouth existence, making it virtually impossible for them to afford the cost of vaccinating the animals they use on their land. Over 3000 animals are vaccinated every year since1998.

Some of our other projects worthy mentioning are

  • Literacy projects: Construction of Chikkajalla School, Comfort stations at Government schools, providing computers & benches, Mid-day meals and note books distribution

  • Food distribution vehicle to Akshaya Patra - 2006-07, 2007-08, 2011-12, 2012-13

Some of the key achievements by Rotary Bangalore Peenya and its members include

  • Significant Achievement Award from RI to Rotary Bangalore Peenya- 1994-95, 1998-99, 2004-05

  • Special Award to Rotary Bangalore Peenya- Best overall performance in all the avenues of service in all categories 2005-06

  • RI Public Relations Award- 1999-2000

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Service and Leadership

District Governor

  • PDG Rtn G Nagraju 1991-92
  • PDG Rtn Madhura Chatrapathy 1998-99
  • Rtn B L Nagendra Prasad 2020-21

AKS Member

  • Rtn Nagendra Prasad & Meera

2nd Level Major Donors

  • Rtn Panchapakeshan & Malathi

1st Level Major Donors

  • Rtn. M S Mallappa & Pramila
  • Rtn. J C Hegde & Prapulla
  • Rtn. Vasanth Kumar G R & Jayanthi
  • Rtn. Srinivas Murthy V & Rtn.Vijaya
  • Rtn Dr B.M.Parthasarathy & Dr Prabha
  • RtnMaruthi & Yeshaswin
  • RtnGautamchand Nahar
  • Rtn Krishnamurthy H & RtnKanthimathi
  • Rtn Hariram Thakkar & Kundan
  • Rtn Prakash Belavady

Service above Self awardees

  • Rtn Anil Surana
  • Rtn M S Mallapa

Four Avenues of Service Citation Award

  • Rtn Gautam Chand Nahar
  • Rtn Vasanth Kumar
  • Rtn Hariram Thakkar
  • Rtn Rajkumar Jain
  • Rtn Badarinath D.G.

GSE Team leaders

  • Rtn M. S. Mallapa to RI District 4520, Brazil 1991-92
  • Rtn A. Suresh to RI District 1150, South of Wales, UK 2004-05
  • Rtn Prakash Nagesh to RI District 1210, West Midlands 2012-13